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Ready Pine™ Installation Instructions

(These instructions are also suitable for Ready Fir and Ready Cedar)

Ready Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Ready Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Prior to installation of Ready Pine it must be inspected for:

  • Quality – Check the quality and verify the material is as requested
  • Quantity – Verify the amount is correct
  • Colour – Verify the colour is correct
If you suspect anything is incorrect with your paneling, DO NOT install. Please address all issues prior to installation. INSTALLATION IMPLIES ACCEPTANCE.

Ready Pine can be used for interior applications and porch ceilings. It is not to be used as soffits or vertical siding. Over time, the colour of the pine will change slightly. This is normal and is caused by exposure to UV light and is not considered a manufacturer’s defect.

Place your pine paneling in the room where you plan to install. Allow 7 to 10 days for the wood to acclimatize. This is important – the wood needs to expand or contract based on the space’s relative humidity. Failure to do so may cause gaps to appear in the seams or lifting of the boards due to expansion once installed. After installation, Ready Pine™ will expand and contract slightly. This is normal and should be expected – pine is a natural product and this is not considered a manufacturer’s defect.

Always wear proper safety glasses, dust mask and gloves when cutting or installing Ready Pine. Follow the proper safety procedures highlighted by the tool manufacturers.

Use 1-1/2” to 2” finish nails (16 or 18ga). An air nailer works best, but finish nails installed with a hammer and nail set will work too. Nail at 45 degree angle into the tongue. The nail should be hidden when the adjacent board is installed. Place 1 nail into each stud or joist.

Horizontal installation:
Ready Pine can be installed directly onto studs. This includes directly over vapour barrier and insulation (vapour barrier should be installed prior for high humidity or below grade applications). Begin at the floor and fasten the first piece ¼” above the floor and ¼” from the wall where the piece is starting from. This allows for expansion over time. Ensure piece is level. Face nail into 2×4 base plate. This will presumably be cover by a baseboard. Also nail into tongue as described above. Allow splices to fall where they may (between studs is ok). At the end of the row, measure the remaining space and allow ¼” to the end for expansion. Take off-cut from your last piece and use it to start next row.

Vertical Installation:
Same as Horizontal, except install furring strips (1×3 or 1×4 – also known as strapping) horizontally on base and top plate and all studs every 16”. It is these strips that you will fasten Ready Pine™. Leave ¼” gap between the wall and floor to allow for expansion. Check for plumb often.

To clean Ready Pine use water and mild detergent and wipe dry.