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Kitchener, ON,

Tongue & Groove Paneling

Using wood for interior walls and ceilings provides an excellent warm and natural appearance for your living space.

Ready Pine is designed for use on both wall and ceiling. Common projects include cabins, chalets, cottages, rec rooms and country homes – just about anywhere you desire the warmth that only wood can provide.

Interior Pine Paneling for Ceiling & Walls

Interior Pine Paneling for ceiling & Walls

For walls, you can run the pine either vertically or horizontally.

Vertically installed pine panel makes the room look more contemporary, whereas horizontally installed pine panel makes the space look more traditional – like a log cabin.

If you’re adventurous enough, you could even install it diagonally making the room look very modern.

For ceilings, pine T&G is typically installed along the length of the room, which means perpendicular to the joists. However, for a more modern look, it can be installed across the room, running from the outside wall to the centre.

Regardless of how you install your pine paneling, nothing beats the look and feel of real, natural wood!