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Kitchener, ON,

Why Ready Pine?

Ready Pine is a fast and convenient way to install your tongue and groove pine for ceilings and walls. Why not install the walls and ceilings like you do the floor – pre-finished!

Pine paneling for a cottage dining room

Pine paneling for a cottage dining room

Horizon Coatings Inc. uses state-of-the-art machines to factory apply several coats of finish to every piece of pine. The wood is sealed on all sides to prevent cupping and warping.

In addition to the coating, Horizon Coatings sands each piece twice to give it a smooth, glass like finish. Our 10 year limited warranty on the finish gives you the peace of mind that you’re receiving the highest quality coating available.

On all Ready Pine, Ready Fir and Ready Cedar the ends of each board are T&G as well as the sides. This feature provides for quicker installation – up to half the normal installation time. End matching eliminates the need to splice over a stud or joist. Wherever the end of the board falls (even between the studs) is acceptable, since it is supported by the T&G. The only time a board is cut is at the end of the row. This means all the time spent accurately measuring and cutting is eliminated, thus saving you or your contractor valuable time.

Ready Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Ready Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling

Waste is also reduced because the off-cut from the end of each row is taken back to start the next row. In theory, there should be no waste at all.

With traditional butt-joint pine, the boards need to be trimmed back to the nearest stud or joist so on every piece 1” to 15” is tossed away. With our end-matching, this is never the case. We recommend only 5% extra be ordered when using Ready Pine.

“Ready Pine T&G paneling gives any space an excellent interior décor.  The warmth of natural wood is a wonderful way to decorate your home or cottage”

Ready Pine™ and the Environment
Concern for the environment is very important for Horizon Coatings Inc. The coatings we use have virtually no VOC’s (greenhouse gases) which means when Ready Pine™ is installed, there are no fumes or dust allergens from sanding in your home. And the wood used to manufacture Ready Pine™ is harvested from FSC certified forests.

Contact us now to see how easily you can beautify your home or cottage with Ready Pine!